11334-miranda-kerr-e-brad-pitt-a-seoul-l-11-592x0-2OK, We got some REAL TEA from our wonderful entertainment lawyer at crazydaysandnights.netBrad Pitt & Miranda Kerr HAD SEX! He stated that it doesn’t happen often, but it happened this week for the first time in a year or so. She is married, and he might as well be. But when they find themselves together, away from their families, they hook up. And you know what I mean by ‘hook up’. It has been going on for years! It is surprising because she has said that our actor is getting too old looking for her, but I guess he still has the magic. No dinner, no drinks. They met in her hotel room and an hour later it was over. It was almost like Lost In Translation. I know I am in a state of SHOCK! I would of never guessed these two. I see why they call it Hollyweird. What do you think of this crazy sex affair?

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